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About Me


My name is Nicole and I am the owner of Nicole Peters Photography!!


To start off with, I wanted to tell you a little about me.

My partner Marc and I have been together for 6 years and own our home here in Shepparton. He gets on my nerves every second of the day, but somehow I still love him as much as I did at the start. That's love!

We have two beautiful little girls, Harper, who is now a sassy 3 year old and Isla who is the cutest little chubby girl who eats like we starve her! 

Just like any other mother, my kids are my life.

My passion for photography first started with Harper when she was first born and then followed by Landscapes and Astro shooting, which you’ll still find me out doing when I can..

When my second daughter Isla was born in September 2018, I decided throughout my maternity leave with her that I would see how I went with starting Nicole Peters Photography.

My business has blossomed and I cannot express to you how much joy I get when I am out taking photos!

The most regular thing I hear from my clients is, “You look so happy and comfortable when you’re taking photos, I can see how much joy it brings you”. Hearing things like this and receiving those messages when they first view their images is what I now live for!

I LIVE for the tummy aching laughs, the natural smiles, those sunset kisses, those celebrations of engagements and birthdays and most of all those chubby cheeked newborns.

I have found a love in family and newborn portraits. I love when my clients are so happy that they continue to come back. Going from photographing their newborns to updated family photos six months later and then those 1st birthday celebrations. I kind of become part of your family and I constantly tell me clients that I become their child's photographer Aunty!

I am constantly growing and going above and beyond to ensure that my clients are getting the best.
I have completed a course in photography. I have also completed a certificate in newborn photography - making me qualified in prenatal and neonatal care and being able to use that towards your newborn sessions. I also hold an Infant First Aid Certificate and CPR to ensure that your newborn is in the safest hands.

I currently specialize in Newborns and Families and have been getting a lot of interest in Birthing and Wedding Photography which I am offering in my services!

Newborns, Families, Weddings, Events, Engagements, Birthdays, Debutantes and lifestyle session - just to name a few!
Message me if I sound like the type of photographer you are after!

RANDOM FACT: I use explanation marks ALOT!! You’ll pick this up throughout nearly all of my posts that I make and I am totally not sorry!

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