About your family session

Your family sessions are important. It isn't very often that people update their family portraits. So making sure you have the right photographer for the job is SO important to ensure that you not only love every photo, but you love every moment from the moment you arrive to the moment you have your photos.

I am a lifestyle photographer. What does that mean? It means that I photograph more natural moments more than posed. Most people these days don't want those awkward everyone sitting, all looking - all fake smile photographs, that our parents always forced us to go do every year. Although I do take a few of these at the start of each session. We quickly move on to capturing the REAL family moments.

Your session will run with just slight prompting on what to do and you do the rest. It is all about capturing those real smiles, capturing the love and chaos of your children and letting them be wild and free during your session. These are the moments that you will treasure and want to remember for a lifetime to come.

So during our session, play with your kids, tickle them, throw them in the air, show them all the love you can give them, don't stop cuddling and kissing them and embrace the moments you have with them.

Package 1

25 x Digital Images


Mixture of colour 
and black & white.


Package 2

50 x Digital Images


Mixture of colour 
and black & white.


Package 3

ALL Digital images
supplied in your gallery
(80-150 images)


Mixture of colour 
and black & white.


ALL Digital Images
supplied in your gallery.


Mixture of colour 
and black & white.


(No need to fight over which photos to get.
Each family will have a mini session,
followed by group shots, adult shots, 
grandparents & grandchildren)


Extended Family

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