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Are your vaccinations up to date?

Yes, I am currently vaccinated against the whooping cough, which gets updated when necessary and I also get the flu vaccination annually.


Do you offer outdoor sessions?

Yes, I do offer newborn sessions outdoors, but this will never be a posed or lifestyle session. Outdoor newborn sessions will be done in a family session, on location of your choosing.

Do you provide props and outfits for the session?

Yes, I provide all props, wraps, outfits and headbands. I am more than happy to incorporate items that the parents may want to utilize in some of the photos. Some items that may be used are certain wraps or blankets and bracelets etc.


What are composite images and why do you use them?

Composite images are combining more than one image together to create an illusions that the image alone is a single photo. I use composites when creating poses like the Froggy Pose (where the baby is supporting its own head in his/her hands). Babies CAN NOT support their own head. During this pose, your baby’s head is supported the entire time and in post-production, I combine two images together so it gives the illusion that your baby is supporting their own head unsupported.

How do I know that my baby is in safe hands?

SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT! Your baby’s safety is my highest priority over any photograph!

I have worked and studied in Work Health and Safety for many years which I bring my strong emphasis on safety to my newborn sessions.

For peace of mind, I have also completed a course in Newborn Photography, through the Academy of Newborn Photography. Having this qualification allows my clients to know that I am 100% committed to the highest standards in perinatal & neonatal care and safety.

As a newborn photographer, it is ESSENTIAL to have an INFANT first aid and CPR through a specialized infant first aid training provider. This qualification focuses more on infants and children under the age of 8. I hold a current Infant First and CPR through Tiny Hearts.

When looking for a newborn photographer, this is a MUST HAVE for booking. Never book with a photographer who isn’t willing to ensure that they have the proper qualifications to ensure that your baby is safe. (The response of – I don’t have a qualification but I am a mother and I know what to do in the case of an incident. This means nothing!! I am a mother of two girls under the age of 4 and the vital information you learn in your first aid and CPR course is nothing to the little things you know as a mother).


How far ahead should I book my newborn session?

Some of the well-known newborn photographers who have been around for a few years can book out months in advance.

I recommend to my clients that if you would like to book a session, that you contact me around 2 months before your due date. I am not just a newborn photographer but also a family, couples and maternity photographer, booking in advance, allows me to ensure that I have limited sessions during the time frame that you are due to ensure that you have spot for our newborn sessions, once your little one arrives.


Once our baby is born, when should I message you to book in our session date?

Once your baby is born, you'll want to just focus on your time, soaking up your brand new bundle of joy! I completely understand!!

As a photographer though, I do ask that you notify me as earliest as possible. If you are booking for a posed newborn session, this style is best to be done between the first 14 days of being earth side! That doesn't allow us much time to find a session day and time that suits both of us.

I also limit my photo sessions throughout this period. The sooner we book a date and time the sooner I can let other clients know my availability throughout this time so they can book their sessions in.


What is your turn around on our album?

Some photographers have a turn around of a few weeks. This is because they specialize in only newborn photography and book a newborn session in nearly every day they have.

I limit the amount of newborns I photograph each month, allowing me the time between every session of mine to work on completing your final images. I try my hardest to ensure that your album is ready between 2-7 days after our session date.


Do you have a dedicated studio?

I have just started taking studio sessions in my own home with a studio set up.
Prior to this I was bringing all my props and gear to your home. 


Bring anything that you need and like. I have a change table here and wipes, private toilet for you and plenty of tea and coffee for your to sit back and relax for a while.

Do you have any qualifications in photography?

Qualifications display a commitment and offer a peace of mind to clients.

I have completed a year course in photography through the Photography Institute, along with my newborn certificate through the Academy of Newborn Photography.

I am also completing my Diploma in in Photography, to ensure that my clients are getting a skilled professional photographer, who is willing to go the lengths to make sure that their clients are getting the best.


Do you have insurance?


ALL PHOTOGRAPHERS should have Public Liability Insurance to ensure that you and your family are protected in the case of an incident throughout your session. 

YES, I do have Public Liability Insurance.


What happens if my baby vomits, poo’s or wee’s all over your props and backdrops etc? Do we get a cleaning bill?

Absolutely NOT! It comes with my job. If I didn’t want babies doing their thing all over my equipment I wouldn’t be a newborn photographer.

All my wraps, backdrops and equipment that I use throughout our session MUST be washed prior to next use. So if your baby does their business, we just change the soiled item out and at the end of the session, everything gets cleaned. No charge to my clients for their babies, doing something completely normal!


How long have you been a professional photographer?

I have been photographing for the last few years but after giving birth to my second daughter in 2018, I took the plunge while on maternity leave with her and started my business. In 2020 I decided to go into it Full-Time and loving every bit of it.

Throughout my years in business, I have studied multiple course, obtained my infant first aid and CPR, attended photography workshops and thousands of dollars to ensure that I get the training and skills that I need to ensure that your baby is in safe hands and that I am able to provide you high quality images that you’ll love!

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