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A Cherished Gift

Trigger Warning! I'm going to share a story to you, a beautiful story that is worth the share. The man in this post is happy for me to share his story with you all, just keeping his name quiet. I received a phone call a few weeks back from this man. Who began to tell me he wanted to get some professional photographs done for his children.

He has always been a fit and healthy man. A few months back, sitting down having a drink and thought he had coughed up some 'red cordial'. A trip to the doctors for a check up and found out he has lung cancer. He was about to start chemotherapy and wanted to book in to get professional photographs of him to gifts to his children. The idea was for them to remember him the way that he was, just in case his condition got worse.

He had a black leather jacket and a tan leather jacket that he had imagined wearing throughout his session. He said he wasn't a smiley man, but I cracked some jokes and you know what? He loved the photos of him smiling.

He had one request which was to capture his tattoo on his back, which had sentimental value to him. Something that not only him, but his children wanted as well. He ordered 3x collage frames from me and 3x 8x10 prints to gift to his children.

We had another session booked in for after he started chemo, because he loved the first session so much. But unfortunately, the hair loss had started and so we have postponed his second shoot.

A sad thing to happen to any person in this world. But a wonderful gift that he is giving to his children. I am so blessed that I have had this opportunity to capture these photos for him and his children. It is so inspiring and makes me consider implementing something for families going through this.

Take a look at some of the photos from his session.

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