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An Extra Special Farm Wedding

Brigitte & Josh had booked in their wedding with me later this year, pending the health of her father, who was currently fighting cancer. Once stage 4 restrictions came into place. Brigitte had reached out to me in tears. Her fathers cancer had spread and was developing quickly. I contacted DHHS to find out if she could get approved to marry her partner despite stage 4 restrictions. While her fathers case allowed for exemption, people were terminally ill and being denied to marry, so she knew her chances of being approved in time was low. While Brigitte's hope for her wedding was for her father to see her in her gown and walk her down the isle, she wasn't sure if he would be able. She asked multiple times during his stay in hospital if he still wanted to walk her down, she understands if he can't. Every single time his response was YES, it would be his pleasure. Regardless of his health, he was going to be there. Wednesday came and the announcement from Dan came! The lock down was not being extended, thankfully! So, Thursday was the day. There was nothing going to stop this wedding. I arrived out at a small country farm in St Germains. I walked around in awe of what they had created. Now, Brigitte's father Kevin and his family have spent their lives restoring old horse carts. They spent every year travelling all over the place showcasing these carts. They have even performed every year at the Melbourne Show. The work on these carts was amazing! I can't believe that there are people out there that can do stuff like that! Kevin's son was telling me that his father never used instructions. Everything he created was from what was in his head. So when I came across where they had set up their ceremony and found that they created an arch with two horse carts. I knew that this wedding was so unique to them! Who would think to create a wedding arch with horse carts! Genius right! We set up a small spot outside for Brigitte's father to sit. We wanted to capture that moment of him seeing his baby girl. While Kevin struggled to lift his head, I know in that moment, he was the proudest father! Brigitte was escorted down the isle by her dad. Josh waiting patiently at the end. Thanking Kevin from handing him his future wife. Brigitte's vows to Josh was the most beautiful vows I have heard. Expressing how wonderful it was to have a father that she admires and was able to provide to her in many ways. Food on the table, a roof over her head, a hand to hold and shoulder to cry on. She is so blessed to be marrying a man that has the same values. Just like her favorite movie Grease, Frankie says to Sandy "the only man a girl can depend on, is her daddy" and for a very long time, this was the case. Until she met Josh. The ceremony came to an end with Josh and Brigitte saying "I DO". While the family retreated in the house in the cool, I stole Brigitte and Josh for their wedding photos. The rest of the night is history..... A few days later, on Sunday morning, Kevin passed away. Brigitte telling me he fought so bloody hard. And that, is what he did! When you get married, your photos are always going to hold a place in your heart. But for most people, I find it isn't until you loose someone special in your life that photos really give you meaning. These are the last photos the Collins Family will have of Kevin. A memory to hold on to. Rest in peace Kevin Collins.

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