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Christmas in Shepparton

Christmas arrived early this year in Shepparton. With the unknowns of Covid and if there was a chance of iso 3.0, I set my dates for October. My sessions booked out way quicker than I expected this year. I even had to open up an extra day to cover for those that wanted to go onto a cancellation/wait list. The sessions ran amazing. With many parents shocked that I got their newborns that NEVER sleep during the day to sleep and posed in props. The parents with really shy children that by the end of the session, we were best friends and they didn't want to leave. The parents that children NEVER smile for a photo, but I managed to get them to laugh and smile at the camera! It is the passion, the patience, the love and care that I put into every session that helps me achieve these unexpected moments for parents. I get so much joy when I achieve these results and being able to give these images to parents to share with loved ones. You will see majority of Christmas images below. I had some families that wanted to share these images with family at Christmas and wanted it to be the first time they see it. So I have respectfully kept them off social media for the time being. I wanted to thank each and every one of my clients that booked with me this year. I am forever thankful for the love and support I have from all of you! I cannot wait to capture many more images for you all in the future.

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