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I have so many wonderful memories from this newborn shoot with Bronni and her family. I was welcomed into their home with Bronni's son Ben talking to me about his cool red car. I crouched down to him to start a conversation with him, where he just wrapped his arms around my neck and gave me the biggest hug. This was the most beautiful welcome from a little kid who had never met me before. From that moment on, he had my heart! Ben was such a helping little boy. He wanted to assist me with everything, which I did not mind at all. Juliette was comforting feeding a lot throughout our shoot. We only got about 15-20 minutes between feed to try to settle her, get her propped and get some photos. I think we achieved some amazing shots with the time we got. Our posed session was finished and Ben helped me take everything out to my car, being the big helper he was for me on the day. Next up was our lifestyle session. Ben loved being able to jump in the photos with his entire family. His Nan was down from Townsville visiting the newest addition. So we made sure Nan got some precious memories to have with her two grandchildren. My time was up, and felt sad having to leave this beautiful family who welcomed me into their home with open arms. They were all the sweetest and kindest people and I love working with clients like that!

Ben gave me a big kiss on the cheek and a hug before I walked out the door. He walked me all the way out to my car, helped me pack my last few things away and then said to me " I come with you now"..... oh how I wish Ben, how I wish.

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