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Last Minute Wedding - Stage 4 Covid Restrictions

Brooke and Rob met on a blind date a few years back. They've accomplished so much together, like travelling to New York together where Rob proposed in the middle of Central Park. Their wedding was initial booked for last year, but covid happened, making them having to push their wedding back to Feb 2021. They had everything organised for their special date. A full day of festivities. From getting ready to the ceremony to dancing the night away. I was down in Bendigo a few days early before their wedding at Sandy Creek Wedding in Huntly. Just casually catching up with my family! The day prior to their wedding. I was just sitting down watching a movie with the kids when I received a call from the bride. "We are going into Stage 4 lock down tonight at midnight! We are getting married today! Are you free??" Within an hour, Rob and Brooke and all their friends and family helped them reorganize their entire full day wedding! Family and friends compiled a list of guest by distance and vendors and all started making their calls. I met Brooke at her bridesmaids house where they were all pitching in with getting her hair and makeup done. Unfortunately she wasn't able to get in with the hair and MUA that she had originally booked. The florist and cake maker were able to quickly finish off their jobs for the wedding and got them delivered just in time. The ceremony and place of reception were able to move their wedding up for the day, even the celebrant was able to make it. Unfortunately, along with the hair and mua the videographer was also unavailable for the change of plans. It was so amazing to so many people working together to make sure this wedding went ahead. All the guest were able to make it, except for one couple. Half the guests were from Melbourne and made it just in time for the ceremony. Some guests even getting changed into their wedding attire in the parking lot. The reception was a quick process. Food, speeches, cake cutting and first dance. Allowing the guests that had to get back to Melbourne, home in time for lock down. This also meant me back to Shepparton. They finished the night off with a bang, by announcing to their friends and family that Brooke was 14 weeks pregnant and expecting a little baby girl! Nothing shows the love and support from the people in your life than those that come to you in a time like this, all banding together to make sure you get to marry the love of your life! Check out this newspaper article about their 'snap wedding'.

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