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Love & Embrace Your Body

When Skye and I were talking about her session, we shared the same vision. She was after a nude session to embrace all the beautiful and not so beautiful changes that our bodies go through during pregnancy.

We wanted a beach and the ocean, squishy bare bums from her son Leo and lots of candid moments. I got to get a little creative. I had recently purchased an underwater housing from my camera and I was so excited to test it out in the ocean during this session. It allowed me to experiment and create a new perspective to my maternity session.

I have all these ideas and visions in my head, just waiting to come out. Finding the right model for the job can be difficult. But when you find them and you both share that same vision in your head, true magic can be created!!

Thank You Skye for trusting me wholeheartedly to capture your pregnancy that was true and absolutely you down to the ground!

I truly believe that you need to capture YOUR story! Make it you! And if you can find a photographer that is able to do that! Then keep them!

Please note: all nipples and private parts are blurred out for the sharing of these images.


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