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Pigeon Pair Twins

I walked in to the home of Gabrielle and I knew straight off that this was going to be an amazing session. Gabrielle is a single mother to two beautiful pigeon pair twins - Stefan and Lucia!

She lives in a home with her sister Bianca who was there nursing Stefan as I walked in. Their mother Paula also lives there.

Gabrielle and her bubbas have an amazing support system which truly shows the meaning of family. The family members in the home all help and take their turns getting up throughout the night and helping with the kids. Chelsea, Gabrielles other sister also comes and stays every now and again and helps out. Stefan and Lucia were 5 weeks old at the photo session. Lucia was struggling a lot with constipation which was causing her pain throughout nearly all of the session.

Gabrielle knows her daughter so well. While Lucia was crying I grabbed my white noise out to try to help settle her and it did nothing! Gabrielle turned around and said, "she like Usher" and puts him on Youtube. Lucia went to sleep nearly instantly! The posed session went with Stefan sleeping for ages inside of my bowl while Lucia cried and refused to sleep. Of course, as soon as we got Lucia settled, Stefan had enough of sleeping and then didn't want a bar of it. We were lucky enough to get a few photos in while they were both sleeping, which only lasted for about 2 minutes! The lifestyle session went a lot more smoothly, where we got a mixture of each of the family members with the twins and we couldn't not get some full family shots. When you have such an amazing family like this, it is something that need to be remembered.. Take a look at some of the images that came out of this session. These twins are truly lucky to have been born into this family. Gabrielle is one truly amazing mother!


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