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Raw Beauty - Water Maternity

There is something so incredible about our bodies. The way they change so much to create life. For some, the changes to our bodies can be daunting. It can hard to live with. While we know the incredible changes are there for the life of our unborn, some of us still struggle with those changes and the aftermath of those changes after birth.

Many of us strive everyday for the perfect bodies, to feel comfortable in our skin. These changes can sometimes make women resent their bodies during pregnancy. My aim with this session was to capture the raw beauty of our bodies. To try to help women struggling during their own pregnancies, to see the beauty in their bodies. To empower women to love all these changes, to show women that we are incredible. We create life, we protect it, we grow and we love unconditionally. While during pregnancy we put on weight, we eat a lot more than we should, we get more love handles, bigger butts, stretch marks and that post pregnancy weight that take months to work off. Let us see that raw beauty during pregnancy, let us harness that, empower that and feel bloody beautiful, because that is what we are! Nothing less!


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