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Shepparton Daycare Photos

This year we really were in the unknowns on if daycare and kinder photos would even be allowed. Covid stopped many activities for families, children and businesses. So when Dan Andrews announced that Kinder photos were good to go, I was over the moon! 2020 was the first year for me to introduce daycare images into my services. It has always been something that I had considered, so when this local early learning center reached out to book me, I couldn't say no! This was the biggest and hardest week I have done in my photography career. Hands down to the photographers all across Australia that do multiple kinder and school photographs. In just a week, I photographed just over 150 kids, edited over 1700 photographs. I aimed to give each family at least 10 good images in their proofs.

As a parent myself, I know that we always want the perfect photos of our children. Those natural smiles and natural photographs of them enjoying being at the daycare. So, I made it my mission throughout this week to work my absolute hardest to get those shots. I chased the kids, I played tag and hide & seek with them so that parents got the best photographs that I could deliver to them. While 98% of the children had natural smiling photos of them playing and having fun, there was still around 2% that just wasn't sure about me. I was a stranger, holding a big camera, of course some were going to be cautious around me. Just know, I tried my hardest! The response I got from the families was far more than what I expected. I received so many beautiful messages and phone calls from parent expressing to me how much they loved their photos. I would like to take this opportunity to thank every single one of you that reached out to me to express those kind words. It really does mean the world to me. 10% of the profits go back to the daycare and I was overwhelmed with the amount of orders that came through from the parents. We raised an amazing amount to give back to the daycare. I cannot wait to continue to offer daycare images within the Goulburn Valley. So if you love the images provided below and you work at a local daycare or Kinder and are looking for a local photographer to photograph your centre, please reach out to me.

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