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Spaghetti Smash

When my daughters birthday was coming up fast and I wasn't sure if we would even be able to have a party for her because of being in Stage 3 restrictions. I got an amazing idea! Now there are so many alternative cake smashes out there - from Ice-creams to watermelons, to waffles to donuts. Some American Photographer even do KFC and Cheeseburger 'Cake' Smash Sessions. I have even seen a few odd Taco sessions. My favorite session that I have seen over the years is the Spaghetti Smash Sessions. Anyone who knows me, growing up, my favorite meal was my mums home-made spaghetti. I seriously wore one of those food catcher bibs until I was 12 because I made that much of mess, stuffing my face with as much pasta I could fit in my mouth. My girls have clearly taken after me with their love for spaghetti. So I couldn't have picked a better session to do for them. Now these photos look amazing, but let me tell you how it ended.... Harper decided to pick the whole bowl of spaghetti up and tipped it over Islas head! Funny right? Well, Isla didn't think so. Might have had something to do with all the strands of pasta falling over her back *shivers*. She ran off crying. While Harper, whose hands were covered in sauce, lost the bowl out of her hands and it SMASHED all over the floor! FREEZE! As I tried to carry each kid straight to the bath, walking over shattered ceramic bowl, cutting every inch of my feet.

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