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Surprise 50th, Surprise Wedding

Saturday night was a night full of surprises!!

We arrived at the Overlander to surprise Paul (aka Musty) for his 50th birthday. Little did anyone know, there was another surprise happening that night.

Sue and Musty entered the room with everyone yelling SURPRISE!! and man, did Musty look surprised. They were even more surprised to see a photographer there..who I had been hired by another guest attending.

The night went on for a little bit, with everyone doing there rounds to wish the birthday boy a happy celebration. Then, came the speeches. Sue and Paul both made a small speech with a few people coming up and saying a few words themselves. Next, the microphone was handed to a lady, who announced that she was a celebrant and we were here for a wedding! The reaction to this was priceless. For everyone in this room had been waiting 25 years to see these two final become husband and wife.

The wedding ceremony was quick and simple, which fitted in perfectly to who Musty and Sue are. So how did this surprise birthday, surprise wedding happen - Let me tell you the story.

Sue and Musty have been together this year for 25years. Now Musty, has this thing for Kylie Monogue. Christmas last year, Sue purchased tickets for them to go see her in concert in Adelaide. So March long weekend they headed off on an adventure. On their trip, Musty was going on and on about his 50th this year. Little did he know, Sue had already started planning his surprise 50th. They got talking about marriage and Sue mentioned to Musty how funny would it be to get married and surprise people because NOBODY would expect it. Now marriage had been raised over the years, but they never took it seriously and always just laughed the idea off....

But this time, it stayed around in Musty's head. About 5-7 weeks later Musty was very jittery and Sue, being able to read him like a book, told him to just come out with whatever he wanted to say! lol.

"Let's get married. Since Adelaide, I have not been able to get what you said out of my mind, and I think we should do it". Sue didn't think he was being serious, but he was! Shocked, she really didn't know what to think. The next day, she told her daughter and within half an hour, her daughter had arranged for them to meet a celebrant THAT night! Why so quick?? Because if they left it two more days, they wouldn't meet the cut off to get married on the night they wanted. Off Sue went to Musty's shop to announce the news! Now, until this point. Musty had no idea that Sue had organised a surprise birthday. Which now the surprise had to be told. So, they arrived, and everyone at the party thought the entire time that Musty had no idea that they were all there. Then they gave the biggest gift to their friends and family to have them there, to see them marry, after 25 years. How incredible!!

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