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The Fraser Family - Reedy Swamp, Shepparton

Pru touched base with me about booking in for a family session. She was a little worried on how her son Emerson would go. She explained that he can get really shy and takes a while to warm up to people but when he does warm up he is so fun to be around. She is also expecting baby number two but this session was all about capturing their time as a family of 3 before their newest addition arrives. We arrived at a beautiful Shepparton location, full of clovers everywhere. Emerson was a really shy at the start but his eyes never left my camera. He refused to go to dad and refused to leave mums arms. This was totally fine though because we got to capture some beautiful cuddly moments. As we explored the location, I remembered from the family questionnaire that I sent out that Pru mentioned that Emerson LOVES dinosaurs. So of course, it was my go to move to get his smiles. I was the tickle dinosaur and he loved it, but still removed to leave his mums arms. We played hide seek! I would hide away in a bush and they would come looking for me, where I would jump out (while taking photos) to capture that beautiful infectious smile! The end of the session was near, when I reached into my back pocket to find that I had lost my car key!!!!! AH! how they hell did this happen! We had been exploring this location, I had been hiding in bushes and we spent the last 20 minutes of our session searching for my key. Of course, throughout this 20 minutes Emerson got right in his element, exploring on his own and having loads of fun! So while searching for my key I was also capturing Emerson in the zone! We had no luck finding my key. My mobile was also in my car so I couldn't even call my partner to come get me. This beautiful family, drove me all the way home and Emerson was so thrilled we were going on a road trip together! I was devastated! Thinking that it was going to cost me a fortune to get my key replaced. My partner mustered up the kids and drove me back out to my car with my spare key. My partner and I tried to retrace my steps from the session, feeling hopeless that my key was lost forever. My partner continued to tell me "there is no way you will find it here, look at how much clover is here, it is also really thick. You just need to accept that your key is gone"...... I was still determined but had no hope, feeling sad and disappointed that this amazing session ended so badly (for me). But then....... I FOUND IT! I found my key! I could not believe it, my partner was even more shocked saying "that was a one in a million find".

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