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The ULTIMATE first birthday

I met Theresa only a few weeks before her daughters first birthday. We met at a baptism that I was photographing and she booked in with me only a few days later. I arrived at the Connection at Kids Town and had no idea what I was walking in to. As I approached the Connection I saw grown men and kids running around with Minni Mouse Ears on. I entered the room where I was blown away by the effort this family had gone. This party was honestly the BEST and most decorated birthday I have ever seen. Pictures of Laylani were everywhere. Big Minni Mouse and Micky Mouse Balloons, personalized sweets, the best candy bar I ever seen and a cake that I could have died for. I ventured outside where Theresa was just about to get the games started for all the kids. They had the pinata up with all the kids hoping to smash out all those lollies, egg and spoon races with a twist - the spoon had to be in your mouth and pass the parcel. The Connection catered for the event and it was heaven! Roast everywhere, and my favorite - Pork....with crackling, roasted vegetables and even desert at the end. Prior to eating - the pastor and all the guest sang worship songs in Samoan. It was fascinating watching the cultural rituals they did throughout the day. We finished the day off by getting a few family photos with a sleeping birthday girl (that was partially my fault) and the candy bar being raided by everyone. This was a massive day but they had a tribe to help them and it showed. Thank You for letting me be part of this special day.

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