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The Value of Motherhood Sessions

I first met the Keeble Family back in December 2020. Lori had organised her maternity session with them in my home town Bendigo.

Lori and Ben have been married for a while and have been raising Ben's two girls Dakota and Willow. Lori was expecting her first child and was over the moon to have another child she can love. Their maternity session was amazing. I fell in love with this beautiful family, the way they loved each other. The way the all just cuddled and snuggled together during their session. It was one of my favorite session. Fast forward a month and I was back photographing their growing family with their newest addition Carter. Since the start of the year. Lori has reached out to me on multiple occasions to inquire about booking a motherhood session. But she never booked. A few months ago, Ben reached out to me and booked a motherhood/family session for Lori. To surprise her for her 30th birthday. He has known for ages that she really wanted to get photos.

I found it so funny how cryptic he was with me. Messaging me on Facebook then saying. DO NOT REPLY. Lori is home. I'm deleting all these message now. He covered his tracks. Every email, every text, every message was deleted after he had read it. I went scoping on Google Maps and found this cute picnic area in the middle of the National Park just 10 minutes from their home. I messaged Ben and asked him to scope out the location and take some photos. It was perfect! This was the spot.

The day came, it had been pouring down with rain all night and all day. But I was still so excited for this session. I knew how important these photos were going to be for Lori. I arrived at our location and as soon as Lori saw me, she started crying. She knew at the point of time, why I was there. It was so BEAUTIFUL!

We began talking about how well and how cryptic Ben had been through the whole process. Lori telling me that she kept going to Ben and asking if they could have photos, that she didn't want anyone else taking the photos and that she knew I was booked out months in advance and if they didn't book they would miss out. Ben always responding with, we can't afford it, or just a simple NO. Lori was heart broken every single time. Even admitting to me that she was pretty dirty on him for months over the fact that he wouldn't let her get photos. She had been feeling like she was being missed in so many photos with Carter and all she wanted was photos with her and her boy.

I had packed a heap of dresses for Lori to try on and also packed clothing for Carter. We found their outfits, got some cute dresses on the girls and took off to our photo shoot location. Lori's mum and dad (who are Shepparton locals) were also down that day visiting. So we made the most out of it and did a bit of an extended family session and then finished it off with the session being just about Lori and Carter. Take a look at the beautiful slideshow I created for them to view their images.

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