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When in doubt, remember...

Some of you may have seen recently, one of my Highlight Photographs on Find A Photographer was chosen to be part of a competition. People would leave reviews on why they were voting for their photographer of choice.

When you're a small business owner, especially one where you put your heart and soul into your work. It can be a nerve racking experience, showing your clients what magic you have created. Even if you believe that the photographs you have taken are absolutely stunning. You never know what someone may feel about them. We are our own worst critiques. We have parts of our bodies that we don't like, our own preferred smiles, our own preferred tastes, our own vision on what or how we want our images to look like. Not only that, but we live in a time where there is so much shared to social media that it is hard to not compare yourself to others. We doubt, we question, we feel like impostors. We see something so simple and think "why didn't I think of that". Every small business owner goes through this from time to time. But behind every bit of doubt we may feel, there is always someone out there who admires everything you create, cheering you on, or even looking at their images with tears of happiness all over again. I have just received the reviews people left on my photograph and I am crying happy tears. This really was something that made me remember, that I shouldn't doubt myself...I shouldn't ever forget that my work is beautiful and that people love it. I want to share with you some of the kindest words that I have read. I wanted to thank each and every single one of you for leaving your review. There are people on here who I have never met or spoken too. Who have never had photos with me but are just admirers. Past clients who I adore and thank every day that they value me and love their memories still to this day. Thank You! Thank You Thank You! (I have excluded names for privacy reasons)

  1. Extremely talented, such an eye for detail.

  2. Her photos are stunning. I had a boudoir shoot and she made me feel so comfortable and confident and the images were stunning. Her baby photos can make me cry.

  3. I love her nature photos and this one is beautiful.

  4. I voted for Nicole because she is an amazing photographer and loves what she does. She was my photographer for my wedding. She captured so many amazing moments which is very obvious by the photo entered is just one of the many photos from my wedding. Nicole made our wedding day so much less stressful as we knew we were in good hands. I can't recommend her enough.

  5. I voted for Nicole Peters, because of her natural beauty and style she captures in her photos, her work is amazing, unrehearsed, flawless, and just amazing.

  6. I've been following for a while now and have always been wanting photos done via her. I see all the beautiful moments she captured and everyone I speak to always say how comfortable she made them feel. Her photos are absolutely gorgeous, she does such an amazing job with all her clients, and obviously works very hard as well.

  7. My wife had a boudoir shoot and the pictures are absolutely beautiful she made my wife look stunning

  8. Nicole has an amazing photography talent, her images capture endless emotion and she has a real passion for what she does which shines through in her work. I can't wait to use her services

  9. Nicole has such a beautiful eye for detail. This photograph is no different to others of hers I have seen - the colours feel warm and connected, and the dynamics are perfect.

  10. Nicole is amazing with babies/kids! From getting your difficult newborn to sleep for gorgeous photos or getting your clingy toddler to look natural posing.

  11. Nicole is amazing. She‚ so passionate and really cares about the photos she is producing. Her photo that has been entered is beyond beautiful.

  12. Nicole is such a beautiful photographer, she makes her clients, babies or adults feel so comfortable, she takes her time to get the perfect shot with every session, she captures the tiny details that pull on the heart strings.

  13. Nicole is very friendly and very talented, I am absolutely loving every second I look at the photos she captured for me and my family! She is amazing!

  14. Nicole makes every effort to make you feel comfortable during your session and she‚ really able to capture those beautiful moments you will want to look back on!

  15. Nicole took photos at my daughter's wedding and besides the fact that the pictures have been amazing. Nicole also enjoyed her day while taking these photos,. She made people feel comfortable and laughed along with the guest's.

  16. Such a special moment captured

  17. This image from Nicole is stunning the lighting is gorgeous. Nicole took our newborn and family portraits when my youngest was born. We absolutely love them all and Nicole had amazing patience with my 4 young uncooperative children. Nicole has since become our family photographer, won't use anyone else. She also does photographs at my kids kinder/daycare and they are always beautiful pics

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