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Will you marry me?

Josh and Alex were supposed to be heading over to Japan, where Josh had planned a special day to pop the question. But Covid-19 happened and all those magical plans were pushed aside. When restrictions started to ease, I messaged Alex to let her know that she could book in for her session. Her and Josh had planned on a couples session for months. When Alex told Josh about our booked session, Josh quickly jumped on the phone and told me he was going to ask the love of his life to marry him during our session and wanted me to capture the moment. I literally cried with joy and excitement! Half way through our session, the sun popped out from the overcast sky. Josh got down on one knee and asked Alex to marry him. During this moment, it was just the two of them. I might have been there taking photos but they were so in the moment together that nothing in the world around them was there. It was so beautiful! Our session was a breeze. I love photographing these two because they don't need posing tips. They are so loved up and laugh the entire time giving those beautiful natural smiles. Josh was even cracking some jokes which I later found out when I was hiding in the bushes getting photos of them walking and Josh told Alex to watch out the Bush Wookie hiding in the bushes! *insert laughing emoji here* lol This was such a beautiful session that needed to be captured and I'm truly blessed that my two friends let me be part of it. I hope this is the start a beautiful trend for me. I hope I get to capture more proposal in the future. #sheppartonphotographer #proposal #goulburnvalleyphotographer #KiallaBotanicalGardens #stephensjewellers