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newborn session

Oh my! You're either expecting or have recently had your newest bundle of joy.
Before we get started. If you're still pregnant, make sure you head over to my maternity section. I offer a bump to newborn discount when you book both!



Newborns are by far one of my favourite sessions to photograph.
There are two types of newborn sessions that I offer.

Let's start with the newborn lifestyle sessions.
Most people don't really understand the difference between the sessions. The newborn lifestyles sessions is an in-home family session. It is all about capturing the love and the connection with you and your baby, and if you have other children, their bond with you and their new sibling.
These sessions are fantastic and are so raw! We will capture your life at home, so let the kids be a little crazy, jump on the family bed and nurse your new one while dad plays with the other kids on the bed.

Breastfeeding? Let's capture that bond! Your baby will do tiny little things like play with your hair, hold your finger or your necklace while feeding and YOU WILL want to remember that when they are no longer feeding. These sessions also include a complimentary bathing session. the best time to book for these sessions is anywhere between birth to 8-10weeks old.

The second newborn session on offer is the studio sessions.
These are SO challenging some days but the end result is amazing.
Have you ever seen those photos of babies posed up in a ball, perfectly sleeping, cutely wrapped and posed in props? Yep! That is this kind of session.

Now before we go any further. There is something you should know. These types of sessions do have risks and using a photographer who hasn't had appropriate training can be very dangerous to your baby.

There are LOADS of questions that you should be asking a newborn photographer prior to booking. You can see my own FAQ here.

Now, if you clicked on the FAQ link, you would know by now that I am fully trained, I have public liability and hold my infant first aid!!!

These sessions are run in my home studio and I provide all the props, wraps and super cute outfits.

You can now click on the session type that sounds more like what you are after.


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