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Raw. Real. Beautiful. Captured. You.


Maternity & newborn photography that captures the moments we often forget.


Hi, I'm Nicole

A maternity and newborn photographer based in regional Victoria.


I specialise in raw, real and beautiful imagery that showcases the wonder of motherhood in its purest form. Embracing the changes in our body can be an empowering feeling in those first few months while bravely navigating a whole new world.


From the moment they arrive, newborns begin to change and it can feel as though if you blink you’ll miss it. I want all mothers to be able to look back at those early days, remembering the transition into motherhood and all the little details that come along with it.


Let’s bottle it up and keep it forever. It truly is a magical journey.

Casey bw-9.jpg

“I want to embrace the rawness and beauty of pregnancy and everything that comes along with it – encouraging new mothers to love their postpartum bodies and feel comfortable within their own skin.”


“For my entire life, I never thought I would find that one thing I knew I wanted to do forever. For me, it was as simple as picking up a camera.”

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