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A mama-hood journey

For years I have envisioned doing this shoot. Something I have dreamt about more times than one. A session to capture the different stages of motherhood in the purest and most vulnerable state. A group of mothers, unknown to each other, different sizes, didn't motherhood journeys and different lifestyles.

My models were:

  • Chelsea Lee Curnow with her 3 month old twins Jayla & Ryan

  • Emma Janssen, pregnant with her second child, who traveled from Bendigo for the shoot

  • Jessica Lodding with her 5 month old daughter Eloise

  • Anya Tan with her 9 month old son Harrison

This session was a place for these mamas to bond, to get to know each other, share their stories, the good and the bad, the triumphs and failures. A place to be you, without judgement.

When I put out a model call for this shoot, I was overwhelmed with the amount of interest. Within the first hour, I had a full page of names.

I had a list big enough to hold multiple of these sessions and maybe one day, I'll do another...

We arrived on location and spent the first half an hour sitting down, eating a fruit platter that I had organised through a local company called Gourmet Grazing Co. We shared our pregnancy stories, birth stories, motherhood journeys and what made us want to do this shoot.

We then started our session. Capturing the personalities of the children at the different ages, their different feeding styles (bottle or breast), their bodies post birth and during pregnancy and their love and connection for their little ones.

This shoot was so empowering to do and really was a dream to capture and share with these mamas and share with the world. Take a look at some of the stunning photos that were captured on this warm summer night.


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