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Lovers and their pooch!

One of the most favorite things a photographer can hear is "I want to book in a photo shoot and I want our dog in the photos". We love love love hearing those words! When Mikaela reached out about booking a session to capture her family of 3 (their child being their fut baby), I knew these guys, were my kind of people. I have bonded with clients in the past before even meeting, after leaving all the photo shoot talk behind and just talking about our fur babies. This was the same but better. I still remeber reciving photos of these three in emails months before even meeting. Ollie (their beautiful Cavoodle puppy) attends the same doggy daycare as my Cavalier Ellie. To think that our little dogs could be daycare besties, gave me lots of joy! And for those that are now questioning 'doggy daycare".... what is this? It is literally a daycare centre for your pooches to go during the day while you're at work and play and learn with other furry friends! Can you believe that we have such a wonderful place located right here in Shepparton. It is ran by Michelle and her friendly team. You can check them out on the link below. Now, let's keep talking about this amazing session! Mickaela, Nick & Ollie were champions throughout their session. These two human were so cute and in love, they made the whole session so easy! I love capturing the fun and quirky side of loved up couples! Next up is Ollie. Now, some people say kids are hard to photograph, but when the session is mostly about the dog, now that can be a little challenging at times. But we rocked it! Ollie rocked it! and I am in love with every photo from this session! Now, while Ollie looks like he was a breeze to photograph (which he was) we also spent a good 10-20 minutes trying to catch him to get the dead animal skeleton out of his mouth. It was a game of catch the mouse! All three of us humans where trying to sneak up on Ollie and catch him, but he was too smart! I'm proud to say that I did manage to catch him with two full handfuls of dog treats which clearly was more appealing to him then the dead animal! Take a look at the beautiful session below with some of my favorite photos from the session.


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